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newborn photography by inframe


Dribble Bandanas - specially made for: Baby, Toddler & Special needs

 The funky new alternative to a bib
 - Now featuring two different sizes
We also sell: Dolls Clothes (fitting Baby Annabel, Baby Born,
Baby Chou Chou), Handmade Traditional Ragdolls, Hankee Blankie's
 (comfort blankets) - Come and read the guestbook and subscribe
to our newsletter!. We have the widest range of baby bandanas and special needs bandanas
Dribble Bandanas are backed with a cotton huckerback - it is very absorbent - we do not back with plastic as apart from making them uncomfortable, crunchy, and make them hang awkwardly around the neck, we have found that plastic makes the dribble run off the bandana and ONTO clothing.. where the idea of the dribble bandana is that the moisture is absorbed within it thus keeping clothing dryer... It is important to us that they drape nicely and become an accessory as well as a protective item.

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As Featured in BBC Parenting Magazine, Prima Baby  & Woman Magazine



newborn photography by inframe