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Woman Magazine


  You can spend a fortune on things for your                         children, then get them home and find they were            a total waste of money. We asked our team of                testers to check out the latest products for value


More stylish than a bib and it works

DRIBBLE BANDANA          A bib worn round the neck like a cowboy scarf, which is backed with towelling                            to make it extra                  absorbent for heavy dribblers. Priced £3.50 each or three for £10,they can be ordered from sales@dribble-          

  Lucinda Woods, 34, from Aldershot, tried them out  on her youngest daughter, Teghan, eight months. ‘My other children, Emily, four, and Oliver, eight, never dribbled like Teghan. She soaks through an ordinary bib in an hour, but the

Dribble Bandana’s really absorbent and lasts at least three hours before you have to change it. They look more like a style accessory than a bib, which I like too.’           Verdict: Good value for keeping baby clean and dry.